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We Are In Countdown Mode Now

Kotare Village

It is an exciting time in the village as we have crossed a major threshold.  Everyday we are receiving new inquiries and interest from all over the world for both prospective Settlers and Investors. This has been largely due to Kirsten’s marketing drive to get the word out over the last few months, so my special thanks to her for the special energy she has given this campaign.  I think also that there is a heightened awareness of the impending changes in our world and the need to prepare our way forward.  Combined, this is why all of a sudden we have been a little overwhelmed by the response.

Kirsten has moved some of her attention to the Institutes’s needs now.  Which is just as well, because now she has an excuse to move into the warmer office with the office crew. Shaked has moved into the Village Office with me, and will be helping ensure we keep the process moving along smoothly for everyone. Also, Michael has taken on my farm work for the next few months, which gives me more time to spend with you.

We are in countdown mode now.  July 31st is the date we will buy the land from the creditors and place it in the Kotare Community Land Trust.  This is a dream come true!  So if you have not skyped with me to ask all your burning questions the time is now.  I am looking forward to meeting you and seeing if your passions align with the values and mission of the village.  We need a few more good people!  As Kirsten would want me to say “Are you ready to embrace your regenerative future?” See, I listen!

Kotare Village New Zealand Embrace a regenerative future today

Anyway, autumn is always my favourite time in the village, not too hot, but still some warmth in the sun, the rush of the summer harvest is over and the garden is set for the winter. We have our food ahead of us, and the steaming broths welcome us each lunchtime over the chatter of the group.  I’m looking forward to Tim Barker returning to teach his appropriate technology session over the next few weeks, a time to catch up with his latest thoughts and friendship.  There’s a few other projects in the pipeline as well, more on that as they progress.  These are exciting times. Stay tuned!


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