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Update on Kotare Village Project

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First and foremost I want to thank you for all your support, for your continued interest in Kotare Village, and for reminding me that there are others who share in this dream and are contributing to make it a reality. You keep inspiring me!

It has been an exciting past few weeks at the Kotare Village management office and things have been moving quickly.  We are almost done with our marketing and business plans and are anxious to begin moving out of the planning stages and start to take action securing the land.  We are almost there!

This week, we have enjoyed speaking to a few of you via Skype and we appreciate all your questions.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to chat with us.  You all seem to have a lot of questions, and we appreciate them.  It helps us better communicate to our larger audience.  Although I posted these questions on the Q&A page I thought I would address them here as well.

1. How is Koanga Institute involved?

The Kotare Village is a project of the Koanga Institute.


Kotare Village is a natural progression of what the Koanga Institute has been doing for the past 30 years.  Historically the Koanga Institute has focused on saving our heritage food plants, including vegetable seeds and fruit trees. It has evolved over the years and today the Institute is moving its focus towards becoming a leading centre for regenerative living.

“Koanga Institutes mission is to inspire, encourage and support regenerative self-reliant communities by: Protecting, developing and sharing our NZ heritage food plants, researching, experiencing and sharing knowledge on regenerative systems, and engaging with others to facilitate the adoption of a regenerative culture.” –Koanga Institute web page


2.  I am interested in buying a plot of land but I am not a New Zealand Resident.  What are the restrictions for a foreigner to buy land?

New Zealand’s overseas investment legislation only affects transactions that include sensitive New Zealand assets, including land that is considered sensitive. Kotare Village land plots are NOT considered sensitive.  Thus, there are no restrictions in purchasing a home site at Kotare Village if you are a foreign investor.  If you would like more information click here to read about making oversea investments in New Zealand.



Please leave any comments or questions you have.  I want to hear from you today, it really helps keeps me motived!


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