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Empowering Social Relationships

While much of the focus of our vision is on the regeneration of our ecology and our economy, we understand the importance of regenerating our communities through empowering social relationships on all levels. We recognise that this is a major challenge, as we transform from our existing relationships and communities to something better.

We recognise there are no easy solutions. It requires a commitment to finding what strategies and techniques work best and being willing to apply them consistently. We are making sure these processes are given due support within all our organisations.

Some key points we have come across so far are:

  • Fair, documented, participatory decision making, consultation processes
  • Clear identification of stake holders and decision makers
  • Encouraging the learning of communication skills
  • Meeting techniques that facilitate trust and build consensus, including meeting protocols, clear agendas, sharing circles, non-violent communication, etc.
  • Clear, documented and agreed upon ‘Code of Honor’ and ‘Conflict Resolution Process’
  • Empowering leaders and/or managers in specialist fields
  • Taking individual responsibility for our actions
  • Choosing to participate in personal and group activities that build strength in our relationships