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Recreating Communities

At this time I see that one of the most important things we can do is recreate communities, especially in rural areas around regenerative agriculture, communities that can be models all around the world for the regeneration of the land and our communities, and of the regeneration of of life on earth!

This is my work right now , and most of the time it’s a joy to be doing this work.

Creating new shapes, paving new paths is always a huge challenge, and it is inevitable we will make mistakes, in fact being brave enough too make mistakes, making one self vulnerable,  is the best way to learn many say.

We’ve made our share of them and learned some huge lessons however we are in the final stages of getting our village right off the ground. I have a good team in place and it will be very soon!

 It has been frustrating taking so long to get you our new business plan and investment options ready.  We have had incredible support, hours and hours and weeks of it from highly respected professionals who wish to support our vision, and wanted the final plan to be the best it could be.

I’m clear that the time has been more than worth it.  We are now feeling as though we have a very strong platform to go forward from.  I am excited and will be sharing with you in the next few weeks the new settler options.  Stay tuned -Bob


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