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Pioneers & Settlers

There are three main stages we will go through in the development of our village community.

Stage One – The Pioneers (Meet other pioneers here)
You are adventurous, and love the idea of working creatively with others to build amazing projects, and you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do it.  You are determined, patient, and assertive.  You have some well-honed skills and/or you are used to working hard within a team.  You have the emotional resilience to work through the difficulties associated with being a pioneer.  You may find a job at Koanga Institute, or have an independent source of income to support yourself.

Until we are able to build rental accommodation, pioneers need to provide their own temporary accommodation (house trucks, buses etc. or living outside the village in rentals).  They will need a certain strength of character to work in sometimes difficult conditions.  The pioneers will be able to purchase leases at a reduced rate to recognise the important role they have fulfilled.

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Stage Two – Early Settlers
Those who come to live in the newly-built accommodation we will call the early settlers.

At this next stage, small but adequate housing will be available. You are happy to make this building your home, knowing you may expand the size in the years to come. Perhaps you have a job offer from the Kotare co-operative, or you have entrepreneurial skills and are self-employed, or maybe have a job outside the village. You don’t need the planned economic development to be at its advanced stage to enable you to become an active member of the village. Early settlers will also be offered a discount rate on lease purchases and rent-to-buy options .


Stage Three – Late Settlers
At this point, most of the economic development has been put in place, and there are likely many job opportunities.  You are ready to settle down into the good life, and eager to support the work of those who have built the foundations, by settling your family here and fitting into the community with a reasonably easy transition.

The increased price point at this stage will reflect the added value the pioneers and early settlers have built.

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