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Kotare Village

I’m an early riser, every morning sees me walking the tracks, listening to the gaps in the silence here.  Observing what’s new.  This week the paradise ducks moved in for the breeding season here after being in the river all summer.  I love their honking as I disturb their grazing.

My highlight for the week was noting the red clover for the first time.  When we first moved here the pasture had very little white clover and no red clover.  After three years of holistic grazing, the white clover is everywhere and we have about 20 red clover plants.  Probably doesn’t mean much to the casual observer, but for me its a confirmation of our progress in renovating our pastures, the source of so much of our food.  This autumn I’ll be seeding a few more pasture ‘friends’  –  we’re on a roll!

Every Thursday night we have our ‘design night’ last night was a ‘beauty’ working through the vision and major goals for the Koanga Institute, such a buzz.  Now that’s done we can begin the process of negotiating further partnerships  – exciting stuff!

Most important we are getting ready to launch home sites lease for sale.  So please contact me if you would like to be part of the early bird pricing.

Kia Ora-Bob

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