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Location of Kotare Village

Kotare Eco Village is in the beautiful town of Wairoa in Northern Hawkes bay

Photos in and around Wairoa


We are nestled in a quiet, open, inland valley, about 40m above sea level, on the banks of the Mangapoike River approximately 24kms from Wairoa, Northern Hawkes Bay, in the North Island of New Zealand.

We have chosen a rural setting, not unduly affected by industrial horticulture or dairying or lifestyle blocks, an area that is not likely to change dramatically in the foreseeable future. We have chosen not to be near a major city. We see the need to fully engage in our vision without too many distractions.

We have sought a place that holds an inherent strength to support us.

  • temperate climate with good rainfall
  • Good soils to support self-reliance in food
  • Supportive neighbours and local Council
  • Enough water and pasture for our needs
  • Wilderness areas and wildlife
  • Beauty and peacefulness

We have a sense that much of the strength of this place is not yet fully revealed. Those who visit note the feeling of peacefulness here.

Kotare (the Kingfisher bird) holds the presence of the valley habitat, quietly observing the flow of the river from which it is nourished. In the past this valley, like many others in NZ, held lots of people and a vibrant rural culture, a vision we seek to regenerate as part of our work here.

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