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Life in Kotare – by Michelle

Written by Michelle,

What an adventure life is. Always sitting there waiting for us to wake up to the opportunity of possibilities that lie in front of us. How that translates into daily life at Kotare Village….

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As a community blending of ages from 2- 75 years, we are an experienced collection of folks from varied backgrounds always learning to be in and improve ways of regenerative living. We travel a path of a new situation living in and creating a community, ‘breaking ground’ describes our time here. Moving forward, finding slow and steady steps are longer lasting and have better outcomes than running, falling flat and spending more time again to get back to where we were when we first started. Sometimes we have to do things twice, it seems painful however that is part of the beauty in life we live. It is all learning. Making mistakes resonates better in learning and adds to the fabric

of life, while adding some interesting stories to tell along the way. Life here sure is a good adventure, creating our own positive environment. Enduring the tougher times and loving the good times.

Life anywhere is not without frustrations. Remembering how we deal with our frustrations is the answer. That said we can choose to exist anywhere in the world. What feels good to you? What makes you happy? Where do you want to be?

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