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Kotare Co-operatives


A key part of the village economy is the formation of  Kotare Commons Ltd. and associated co-operatives.  Kotare Commons has three shareholding classes, representing three different stakeholders.

Class One – KCLT – The Kotare Community Land Trust, who appoint one director

Class Two –  Residents – The members of The Kotare Village Association, who appoint one director

Class Three – Associates – Employees and Investors, who hold preferential shares that guarantee a preferential dividend, and whose members appoint one director

Koanga Commons Ltd has several key roles:

  • Implement the infrastructure and economic development required for the project, largely through contracting from the Kotare Community Land Trust
  • Develop that part of the village economy where everyone has an interest in individual access to an efficient, well-managed co-operative service, e.g.  a comprehensive workshop, organic food storage and processing facilities, vehicle fleet for hire, building equipment, telecommunications, power generation etc.
  • Develop co-operative businesses using our permaculture skills and resources and shared marketing ability to create livelihoods. eg a design and consultancy service, a building co-op to build village and other homes, an eco-tourism venue, a health retreat, etc.
  • Co-operatively manage the maintenance requirements of the Kotare Community Land Trust and the village’s Incorporated Society
  • Develop governance and management of our own currency, and financial services