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Healthy Food

Food is a very personal issue for all of us. It is also a community issue with regard to our food security, the health of our community, and how the land is managed for self-reliance.

While everyone is entitled to choose their own diet according to their personal beliefs and culture, we believe it is important that new settlers understand that there is an existing food culture adopted by many residents, including the following principles:

  • Food and our human genetic expression is a reflection of the ecology from which it is sourced (Epigenetics), hence the need for regenerative agriculture.
  • We need to consciously nurture and regenerate our soils and our environment to be able to provide nutrient-dense food.  We are inspired and educated in this goal by the Biological Agriculture Movement.
  • We need to consciously research and understand the relationships both between the types of food, and the preparation of foods, with regard to their effect on our health. In general, we avoid industrially processed food and use traditional food processing techniques, and work within the principles outlined by Weston A. Price.
  • We take responsibility for the health of our future generations through our food choices.
  • We consciously give thanks for, celebrate, and enjoy our food.