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26th June 2014

Just had an amazing talk with a trustee for a meditation retreat, who descibed how they used a company to purchase their land after they weren’t able to raise enough through donations.  He shared with me the stratgeies they used and the support they received to be able to purchase their land.  So it nice to know that someone else has used a similar idea before.

I rang up Pledge Me yesterday, and  asked them how their licensing application was going.  Apparently they had 30 questions to answer, and they said they would have the replies in by monday. Crossing my fingers  that it doesn’t take too long.

Also had a lovely letter from an ex-settler wishing us well, and several people asking when they can buy their shares. The response to our newsletter has been gratifying.    I’m ‘holed up’ at a friends place, nice and quiet with a lovely fire and walks through the bush in between lots of individual letters being sent out. Of to the hot pools for a quick dip now.

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