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Extractive Ownership vs Generative Ownership – a Tribute to Marjorie Kelly

Written by Shaked.

This is just a taste to an amazing book, Bob recommended it to me and I dived in.

In her book ‘Owning Our Future’ Marjorie Kelly has brought forward a great assessment of our situation, and some great examples for hope, its been great to see how the system’s design that bob has put together for Kotare Village sits very well with the patterns and principles that Marjorie has identified.

In her book, Marjorie says:

“Ownership is the gravitational field that holds our economy in its orbit, locking us all into behaviors that lead to financial excess and ecological overshoot”

“Structure is purpose expressed through design.”

Below is a chart from the book, taken as is, the right column is added by me.

1. Financial Purpose: maximizing profits in short term 1. Living Purpose: creating the conditions for life over long term 1. Living Purpose:  “to create a living model of life affirming community that is meeting people’s needs, in a process that is regenerative of their environment and their social relationships.”
2. Absentee Membership: ownership disconnected from life of enterprise 2. Rooted Membership: ownership in human hands 2. Rooted Membership: Members are residents in Kotare Village and Board of Koanga Institute
3. Governance by Markets: control by capital markets on autopilot 3. Mission-Controlled Governance: control by those dedicated to social mission 3. Mission-Controlled Governance: controlled by the KCLT Constitution (with purpose as above) managed by those dedicated to its purpose, elected by the members
4. Casino Finance: capital as master 4. Stakeholder Finance: capital as friend 4. Stakeholder Finance: financed by the members, benefiting from the assets developed from their investment
5. Commodity Networks: trading focused solely on price and profits 5. Ethical Networks: collective support for ecological and social norms 5. Ethical Networks: integrated with Koanga Institute, Kotare Village Incorporated and Kotare Commons (all organisations that fit this chart very well) developing relationships with more like minded organisations for the benefit of a regenerative future



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