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Development Context

Beyond our desire to transform our relationship with our ecology and our community, within the existing paradigm, we believe we are also faced with impending changes, brought about by globalised resource depletion, increasing population, ‘mountains of debt’ predicated on the ‘growth’ economy, and political denial.  This is not just a matter of a ‘political philosophy” the change will be driven by some basic principles of physics, mathematics and ecology.  It is not a matter of if, but when. We believe that the world is headed for a major ‘power down’ and economic transition.  Whether this becomes an entrenched decline or transformation depends on all of us seeking solutions. We seek to offer an alternative to all those seeking it; before, during, and after this transition fully reveals itself. This is not a time for denial or timidity, this is a time to prepare creatively. How fast or slow our development proceeds will depend on the level of support from both settlers and investors. In the Staged Development page we have outlined our best estimate of the timeline under existing conditions.

For more information, check out the Automatic Earth, particularly The Big Picture According to TAE – A Primer Guide, and Chris Martenson.