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Come Join Our Hui!

It’s Hui Season and we want to warmly invite you to come and find out whether this village life might be the change that you are looking for.

Always been interested in what we do?  Signed up to the newsletter and curious to know what it’s really like and whether maybe this is the place of your dreams?

Building a sustainable future can be an uphill battle.  All of us agree it takes a village to make this vision a reality so come join our Hui! Get inspired and see whether village life is for you.

A Hui is a great way to come and get a feel for the land, the people and the reality of what it is to be a Kotare Villager in 2016.

We will share our stories of what got us here, the projects we are working on and our visions for the future.

Come join our Hui and take a step towards a Sustainable Holistic Future!

Come join our Hui one small step for man, a big step for your future.

Hui date is 20th to 21st February

Follow this Link for all the Details 



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