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An overview of Kotare Village:Slide2

An overview of the area:Slide1

Designated House Platforms cluster A:House Platforms Cluster A

Designated House Platforms cluster B:

House Platforms Cluster BThese are the ‘Designated House Platforms’. it is possible to situate your house at a different position on your section through consultation with the KCLT.

*notice – All house sites are marked using a GPS and are 8m away from their location on the aerial photo at 296′ degrees from north, as to GPS – Google Earth deviation. (the correct placing of the sections would be approx. 2 mm up and 6 mm to the right on your screen)


Yes!  I want to embrace my regenerative future and claim my section!

#2 Large SOLD Kay & Bob
#3 Large SOLD Franzi & Taiamai
#4 Large $99,000
#5 Large SOLD  Whitney & Ben
#6 Large SOLD Carolyn
#7 Large SOLD Jenny
#8a Medium $79,000
#8b Medium $79,000
#8c Medium $79,000
#9 Large $99,000(Land) + buildings to be negotiated
#10 Large $99,000
#11 Small SOLD Renee
#12 Medium SOLD Stephanie
#14a Small Murray
#14b Small $73,000
#15a Small $73,000
#15b Small $73,000
#16 Medium $59,000
#17 Medium SOLD Michelle
#18 Large  $99,000
#19 Large  $99,000
#20 Large $95,000
#21 Large SOLD Gabriela and Matteo
#22 Large SOLD Anne
#23 Large SOLD Tes & Shaked
#24 Large SOLD Glenn
#25 Large SOLD Melva
#26 Large SOLD Wendy and Joe

*Please note that these are approximate sizes as all sites vary slightly 
Small – 400m2  Medium – 600m2 Large – 1,200m2 

*If Kotare Village is going to be your ‘Primary Place Of Residence’ with-in the first 2 years of purchasing a section – this transaction is GST exempt.

*If you will not make Kotare Village a ‘Primary Place Of Residence’ with-in the first 2 years from purchasing your section you will need to add GST to the prices above.