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Life in Kotare – by Michelle

Written by Michelle, What an adventure life is. Always sitting there waiting for us to wake up to the opportunity of possibilities that lie in front of us. How that translates into daily life at Kotare Village…. As a community blending of ages from 2- 75 years, we are an experienced collection of folks from varied backgrounds always […]

Come Join Our Hui!

It’s Hui Season and we want to warmly invite you to come and find out whether this village life might be the change that you are looking for. Always been interested in what we do?  Signed up to the newsletter and curious to know what it’s really like and whether maybe this is the place […]

Water just around the corner!

Shaked and Carolyn have been literally in the trenches, digging, laying pipes and connecting to 30+ sections.  Requiring stamina, persistence and logic on a parr with solving a rubix cube, the Water team has done an amazing job, with input from resident engineering intern Mateus, and initialised and implemented by Kyle, Shaked, Sean, Mateus and Carolyn. Carolyn has been there throughout […]

Bob’s Blog

Kotare eco village new settlers welcome after April 17 2015

26th June 2014 Just had an amazing talk with a trustee for a meditation retreat, who descibed how they used a company to purchase their land after they weren’t able to raise enough through donations.  He shared with me the stratgeies they used and the support they received to be able to purchase their land.  […]