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Kotare Kidz

Written by Kay, Kotare Kidz We have 7 children around the village now… although two of them are living in Wairoa for now….and 2 of them next door renting the only other house up this road. Elenor was our first child born to village settlers (Franzi and Taiamai) and she is now 4!!!!!, and she […]

Kotare Beans

Written by Shaked, We have been talking for a while about starting our own local currency, finally it seems like we are almost there, and final proposals are being made and edited. local currencies, local economies and communities are another case of ‘the chicken or the egg’ but one thing is sure, just like both […]

Finishing Off – Water Reticulation and Fibre Optic Infrastructure

Written by Carolyn, Finishing Off – Water Reticulation and Fibre Optic Infrastructure At last, the internet project is drawing to a close, and it only remains for the last ditches to be closed. (on this video you could see us finally doing it 🙂 Both the water supply reticulation and the internet cabling have all been laid, we did […]

What is Kotare Culture?

Everyone who arrives at Kotare has their own special skill set. It is one of the delights of having new people arrive. There is the initial welcome and getting to know you and then seeing strengths shining through to provide support to ongoing projects and suggestions to create new ones! Part of the delight in […]