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Business Operations & Finance Manager

kotare_logo_laptop_cream.psd copyUnder the general direction of and in collaboration with the Kotare Commons Directors, the Business Operations & Finance Manager is responsible for day to day management and operations of the Kotare Commons. This leadership role provides logistical and operational oversight to the Operations Department, Finance & Accounting Department, Human Resources Department, Communications/IT Department, and the Research and Development division with the aim of reducing risks and cost.

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Qualifications and Experience:

A minimum 4 years experience in a senior management position with a strong background in business management, financial management, analysis, reporting, customer service and personnel management. A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or related field required.

Demonstrates critical competencies in four broad categories:

1. Commitment to Results:

  • Is a systems thinker who is customer focused and goal driven
  • Identifies relevant information and helps transform this information into individual and Organizational goals
  • Knowledge seeker – Is action oriented and innovative
  • Translates broad goals into achievable steps
  • Anticipates and solves problems and takes advantage of opportunities
  • Is a self-starter and team player

2. Business ‘Savvy’:

  • Has knowledge of and experience in management and administration
  • Has demonstrated experience in diverse areas of management including: Policy Formation, Planning, Systems design, Budgeting, Accounting, Personnel Management, and Performance Management
  • Has experience in public speaking and good written communication skills

3. Leading Change:

  • Possesses the skills and implements the functions of a servant-leader
  • Has knowledge and experience in continuity, change and transition
  • Consistently displays integrity, models behaviour, develops people, and builds teams
  • Deals effectively with demanding situations and designs and implements interventions

4. Vision:

  • Shares and embodies Kotare Common’s values, mission and vision

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Provide organizational leadership by:

  • Demonstrating personal commitment to the Kotare Common’s Vision and Mission, and effectively promoting these within the organisation, the Community and the World
  • Fostering a strong culture that values health, safety, teamwork, learning, innovation, productivity, and excellence
  • Working with the Directors to set and implement goals, strategies, programs, and policies
  • Creating a great place to work that attracts and retains talented, motivated people
  • Growing the Kotare Commons public profile and reputation

2. Undertake Business Management & Administration by assuring the efficiency and effectiveness of:

  • Formulation and administration of the policies of the organization
  • Strategic plans and processes for operational and organizational development
  • Team member selection, training, performance evaluation, and structure & duties of the organisation as a whole
  • Quality Control programs, continuity, and continuous improvement

3. Undertake Financial Management & Accounting by assuring the efficiency and effectiveness of:

  • Financial budget and forecast development and modeling in collaboration with other managers
  • Accounting systems and other financial monitoring tools used for management and strategic planning
  • Key Performance Indicator analysis and planning
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting. Ensuring compliance with financial legislation and standards
  • Tax planning, capital asset investment, capital asset performance, and distribution of earnings
  • Public and Private grant solicitation and management

4. Collaborate with the Business Development Manager to maintain and grow income by:

  • Increasing market share of existing products & services
  • Proposing and developing new products & services
  • Proposing and developing synergistic partnerships and alliances
  • Growing the membership base
  • Soliciting and winning philanthropic donations
  • Soliciting and obtaining sponsorships

5. Maintain Kotare Common’s legal compliance and viability by:

  • Assuring that all legal and regulatory requirements are met and documents are prepared and filed accurately and on time
  • Assuring effective Occupational Health & Safety management and reporting processes are in place and understood by all
  • Assuring effective Risk Management and Business Continuity plans are in place and regularly updated and tested
  • Assuring effective Cash flow, Financial Management and Reporting

6. Live within Kotare Village and actively participate in and facilitate the village’s development as a settler and as a representative of the Kotare Commons.


To be negotiated with the successful candidate. Dependent on experience, with the added potential for profit-sharing incentives.