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Kotare Festivals

Written by Kay, Last night at Design night we came to an agreement about how and what we will celebrate over the next year….. we were already regularly celebrating the Summer and Winter solstices, as well as the Spring and Autumn equinox’s, and we are doing that by each bringing the things from our past […]

‘The Tragedy (or Celebration) of the Commons’

Written by Shaked. Not long ago, while communicating with a prospective settler, i was faced with an interesting question relating to policy and management of ‘the commons’ called ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’, here is a description of the question as presented by the thoughtful person: (thank you for that!) [Taken from The Inverse Commons, […]

Franzi and Taiamai

Written by Franzi, Taiamai and I moved to Kotare Village in 2011. After initially living within the communal camping area, first in one caravan and later, when our daughter Elanor arrived, in a second ‘bedroom’ caravan, we moved onto our section (Lot 3) in late 2012. The caravans, together with a kitchen awning called ‘the […]

A Forest Is Starting

Written by Shaked. For several days during the last month we have been planting hundreds of trees, small and fragile they look now, but they are the start of a forest, the forest that Kotare Village is going to become. We have been learning and designing forest gardens for a while now, on our sections […]

Basic Solar Systems

Written by carolyn. I have actually ended up with two solar systems. One is designed for my caravan and is the one I generally use. The other solar system came with my fridge/freezer which is not yet in use, so I am looking after that battery by keeping it charged. I have found that the […]