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Biological Agriculture Movement

This movement is an extension of the older organic movement, which is largely coming out of the USA.

While it doesn’t have an organisational base, as such, the founders and leading practitioners include: William Albrecht, Carey Reams, Charles Walters, Arden Andersen, A.F Beddoe, Graeme Sait, Elaine Ingham and many others.

For us, the practice of Biological Agriculture is characterised by the following:

  • Integrated ecological design (Permaculture)
  • Holistic management
  • Emphasis on perennial poly-culture production systems
  • The short-term remediation of localised soil mineral deficiencies and imbalances (well thought through and measured organic fertilisers, homemade and bought)
  • The long-term use of deep rooting perennials to maintain mineral balances
  • Intense recycling into our gardens of all our ‘wastes’
  • The use of refractometers to measure Brix values as an indication of nutrient density
  • Active, targeted enhancement of biological activity as outlined by Elaine Ingham (the Soil Food Web concept) and others.