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The Kotare Community Land Trust is developing Kotare Village, we are in the pioneering stage of developing an intentional community of approximately 150 people in a well-resourced environment in Wairoa, Northern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. We are inviting others to join us.

Kotare village purpose statement

Kotare Village purpose is to create a living model of life affirming community in Kotare Village that meets people’s needs, in a process that is regenerative of both their environment and their social relationships.

* – The term “regenerative” describes processes that restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials, creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature.


We uphold the following values:

Being of Service: playing our part in being of service both within our village and in the wider community. We are not isolationist.

Self-Reliance/Interdependence: being able to provide for our basic needs (within our village and our bio-region) in food, water, health, clothing, energy, housing and currency.

Living Simply: enjoying a simple material lifestyle, which makes self – reliance achievable, and nurtures contentment.

Encouraging Personal Growth: nurturing a culture of self-love and compassion

Regeneration: Engage systems that renew and restore our sources of energy, materials and sense of purpose.

Healthy Relationships: Committed to seeking, learning and putting into practice governance, management and communication strategies that ensure we create and maintain healthy social relationships. Valuing every stage of life, what it has to offer and the challenges it bring while looking after the very young and old.

Beauty, Art, Music, Celebration, Humour: recognising the need to express our lives holistically.

Spirituality: Pursuing our “higher self”.


Achieving our purpose will be facilitated through:

  • Community Land Trust ownership of the property.
  • Individual leasehold tenure of house sites.
  • Individual and co-operative tenure of common resources.
  • Individual and co-operative business.
  • Ecological design and holistic management.
  • Developing environmental, economic and community systems that are regenerative and resilient.
  • Governance through a mix of representative democracy and elders based leadership.
  • Developing consensus through leadership, trust and open communications.

Kotare Village is a unique expression of a worldwide search for change. It is a place to nurture and strengthen yourself, your family, the community, and the environment.

We are currently seeking like minded settlers and investors, to further the community’s development.

Every day is an exciting challenge. We welcome you to get involved as a donor, investor, pioneer or settler.  We invite you to be part of this transformation, and part of the solution.

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